Thursday, August 31, 2006

One Skein Pal...this is the gift

I don't think my one skein pal will see this, so here's the gift I made for her. I hope she likes the shawl/scarf. It can cover your head, your neck, or shoulders. Just right for a little too much air conditioning, or wind. I love the colors, blue, green, and brown, and fuzzy. The little bag is boucle, and is in a previous post, and the some tiny notecards. I love these exchanges! They are so much fun!

Sunday, August 27, 2006

State Fair and scrubbies

Friday I took the day off we went to the State Fair. We always meet my mom (who's 80) and my brother there. It's kind of a tradition. We rented a motorized cart for my mom, to make it easier for her to get around. It's even hard for US, who are 30 years younger, to walk all those miles and miles to see everything. There is so much to see, ate lots and lots of great (not so great for you) food, and there were even a couple of vendors with yarn and fiber for spinning! There was an alpaca vendor, who had yarn and many hats and mittens for sale. They had 2 live alpaca babies there, who couldn't have been cuter! There was also a booth in the Creative Activities building selling yarns and spinning fiber. I managed to just "look" there.

The Minnesota Fiber, Weaving, Spinning Guild was there, demonstrating spinning, weaving, knitting, crocheting. What a job that would be, sitting and knitting or spinning all day. I could handle that!!!

The 2 1/2 hour drive to get to the fair, was taken up by crocheting this time. Managed to "squeak" out 4 scrubbies. Aren't they cute? Usually when I give a dishcloth for a gift I include a scrubbie and a bar of handmade soap. It makes a nice set.

NEW yarn store found!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday was such great day! In my usual running errand Saturday, I happened upon a new yarn store. Gallery of Dreams. It's only 25 miles from me, which is typical for every store I need, I live in a very rural area. I was in heaven!! Every kind of yarn imaginable. It's in an old house, and she had a room for sock yarn, a room for cotton, and a room for other wools. Lots of patterns and knitted displays. They have classes, knitting nights, and even have a retreat set up at a local lodge in January. Guess where I'll be in January!!

I'm always a little sad living here, because I see so many things on the internet that aren't available here. Even being from Minnesota puts me at a disadvantage sometimes. Seems other parts of the country get things first. It always thrills me when I do find a store that has something I've just read about in someone's blog, or in the groups I belong to. Wahoo!! I am a part of the civilized world!!!

I grabbed up a skein of Opal "Mosaik", a color I don't have, and some"Fiona" in fall colors. She had a lacy shawl made up in the blue "Fiona" and said it was a quick weekend project, that only took 2 skeins. Who could resist?

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

One Skein Pal

This is part of the gift for my One Skein Pal. I don't think she will see this, so this is just a glimpse of part of the gift. Just a little crocheted bag with boucle yarn. What goes "inside" has yet to be blocked, so the picture will come later. That is the true "one skein" gift. I hope she likes them.


Saturday was the annual craft show in the town with my closest LYS. The weather was beautiful, not too hot, a little cloudy. As we were pulling up, I spotted it! The LYS (Prairie Needles) was having a sidewalk sale. Hold me back!!!! I went through tables of some nice yarn, some not so nice. Bought a skein of black and a skein of orange for Halloween socks, and found a neon pinky, purple skein that I could not resist. Only one skein would not make socks, so I decided on a dusty purple that matched and thought about doing random stripes. I think they're turning out cute!