Sunday, September 17, 2006


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Today I've been working on my scrap shawl. The weather went from 80 degrees yesterday to barely 50 degrees today. Perfect shawl knitting weather! I have so many fall color bits of yarn around, handspun, yarn of the month samples, leftovers, that it was about time I blend them all together into a beautiful shawl. I'm leaving the ends when I switch colors, as fringe, and then will add more fringe when I'm done if need be. I HATE adding fringe, but it won't be so bad if half is already there! I love these colors! Now if I can just get some peace from the "siamese pain" and get some knitting done!


This is my siamese pain! She (and the other 12)get 1 can of wet cat food divided between them, every morning and every evening. (Don't worry, they have a constant supply of dry food out all day and night, the wet food is just a treat). Usually I get home from work about 5 and that's when the evening ration is given. On weekends when I am home all day, my siamese pain is CONSTANTLY hungry and starts bitchin' and complaining starting around 3 o'clock. She pesters, and rubs, and whines, gets in my way, and generally becomes a "pain" until I give in and dole out the food. She NEVER can wait. She acts exactly the same way on weekend mornings. I normally get up for work at 4AM, so on the weekends when I want to sleep, which is usually 8AM, she goes nuts, and pesters me until I finally get up, storm out to the kitchen, put the plates down and scoop out 13 little scoops of wet food. Then go and storm back off to bed again! If she wasn't such a sweetheart, I'd........................!
Here is a close up picture of the pain!